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Lindal Perspective

lindal brazil plane

Brazil’s football squad, the host team to the 2014 FIFA World Cup, will travel to matches in style this summer, thanks to Lindal Group’s world-class aerosol packaging solutions. The company’s female RT valve and F/03 actuator powered the 1,200


We invite you to read the comprehensive interview with our own Katharina Lilienthal and Philip Brand in Aerosol Europe, the leading global news source for our industry. Amongst the highlights: our Innovation-driven business model and our remarkable new GlobalInnovationCenter.

Food Sample 1

Coffee? Blini? Pastry cream? Fruit mousse? From an aerosol can? With Lindal’s aerosol technology, product development opportunities are wide open, according to company exec… The rising tide of innovative, convenient, healthy and waste-reducing new food products – from coffee


Innovative new dispensing technology opens new product development opportunities; designed to handle highly-viscous formulations… The LINDAL Group’s TRUSPRAY® technology – available worldwide – is the first aerosol solution designed to handle the highly viscous formulas used in popular personal



LINDALGroup manufactures valves, actuators and spraycaps for different kinds of aerosol-products. Being an international group of companies, we also offer a wide range of services around our products.


For hairspray, polyurethane-foam or antiasthmatics: Our aerosol valves and actuators are used by people around the world – every day.


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